A message from Dr. Merritt................ 

.............why I chose Shawn Gallegos, DDS to become my associate dentist...because Dr. "Shawn" is a man who has worked hard to change his life!

I personally met Dr. Shawn while taking classes on implantation.  Dr. Shawn was one of the dentist who participated in the instruction of placing implants, bone augmentation and other related implantation procedures.  As a matter of fact, Dr. Shawn became my mentor while in implantation studies.  He taught implantation in the United States and the Far East.   As time went on, I became interested in Dr. Shawn's story...this was a man who was starting over...his goal was to regain his dental license,  give back to society, learn from his  personal mistakes and rejoin a profession that he has a passion for...that is dentistry!   Anyone who knows me would understand my decision to have an associate for my patients who would bring excellent dental skills into my dental practice.  Dr. Shawn has been with my dental practice since May 2016.  I am proud that I chose Dr. Shawn as my associate, my patient's are extremely pleased with Dr. Shawn's dentistry and they like him!  I have built my dental practice on using the best dental materials, outstanding labs and now I have an outstanding associate.  


 Stephen P. Merritt, DDS, FICOI


Shawn Michael Gallegos, DDS

Education - University of Utah - Graduated 2000 - BA in Chemistry and Psychology

 University of Southern California Dental School - Graduated 2000 Received Prestigious Award for Working with Special Needs Patients

·        General Dentistry -  General examinations & Pedodontics (children's dentistry)

·        Cancer screening during examinations

·        Resins Restorations

·        Crown & Bridge - Complete reconstructive cases

·        Oral Surgery

·        Implantation to include reconstructive cases

·        Dentures and Partials

·        Root Canals

·        TMJ

·        Orthodontics - Renewed an advanced certificate in orthodontics through Progressive Orthodontics Seminars

·        Invisalign:  Certified in Invisalign

·        Teeth Whitening: ZOOM and Bleaching Trays

·        Botox


 Teaching - Hiossen Implantation in the United States and the Far East

 Community Service:  Mentoring professionals - Volunteering his dental skills in various communities in Northern California

Dr. "Shawn" is enjoying life with his new family!  He is grateful for all of the changes in his life and looks forward to bringing new ideas into the dental practice.